Wills & Estates – Hugh Hefner

Wills & Estates – Hugh Hefner

The recent death of Mr Hugh Hefner has provided worldwide publicity about prenuptial agreements and a wife apparently receiving nothing from an estate.

Mr Hefner was well known for his hedonistic pursuits of pleasure and self-gratification. He was also well known for his wealth, three marriages, numerous relationships, the publishing of avant-garde magazines such as Playboy and his strong support for freedom of speech and expression.

The recent publicity reports that his third wife, Ms Harris will not inherit anything, as she has been left out of his Will. According to the Daily Mail, amongst other publications, it is said that Ms Harris was not made a beneficiary of his Will. The media also reports about there being an ironclad prenuptial agreement between Ms Harris and Mr Heffner. Apparently, Ms Harris will be taken care of by undisclosed means.

It is reported that his estate is to be divided among his four children, the University of Southern California and a list of charities.

The issues mentioned in relation to Mr Hefner, are common in many countries including Australia – with lesser fortunes, fewer marriages and relationships. They do however point out the complexity which needs to be dealt with. We at Belperio Clark Lawyers are happy to assist anyone in relation to their Wills and Estates, prenuptial agreements and breakdown in relationships.

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