June 2020

An article in today’s Advertiser has revealed a soon to be launched website that aims to streamline divorces and help divide property between separated couples, in a bid to reduce legal fees and assist parties to remain amicable. At Belperio Clark, we are committed to helping clients achieve outcomes in respect of both property and parenting matters in the quickest, easiest and most cost effective way. However, a ‘one size fits all’ approach is fraught with danger, and may lead to unsatisfactory outcomes for many. Each family’s situation in the midst of a separation is different, and needs to be handled with care and attention. The upcoming website appears to have been constructed around a database of past Court judgments and settlements, taking into account the separated parties’ assets and circumstances, and comparing them to other couples’ situations and the ways in which those have been dealt with in the Court. It is important to note that family law matters that reach a trial stage and achieve outcomes imposed upon them by a Judge account for approximately only 5% of all family law matters. These matters often include dysfunction, where parties find themselves simply unable to negotiate (with or without the assistance of...

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