July 2020

Medical professionals have a duty of care to patients to ensure their safety and well being. A case of medical negligence happens when treatment falls below an acceptable standard. The negligence can be by omission i.e. failure to do something, or commission, i.e. doing something that caused injury or harm. If standards are not met, you may have a claim. How to prove medical negligence? Where the treatment you have received has fallen short of an acceptable standard, you may be entitled to compensation. To prove medical negligence has occurred, you must prove that the treatment received fell below the standard of care and skill that a reasonable professional would have provided in the same circumstances. It must also be shown that your injury would have been avoided if your care had been appropriate. Normally this is done by getting an opinion from another doctor in the form of a written report. Making a medical negligence claim If you think you have been hurt by inadequate medical advice or treatment, then talk to us about making a claim for medical negligence. You might think taking legal action is stressful and expensive but we can take care of things and help you on a No Win No Fee...

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