January 2019

Co-parenting – Nesting Arrangements Nesting is a concept emerging from cases where parents have concerns about the negative impact a separation has on their children and they wish to maximize their children's stability. Nesting refers to an arrangement whereby the children remain in the family home and the parents take turns living in the home with the children. In our society, it is more common for the children to shuttle back and forth between the parents in their new separate residences, but some families either in the short or long term prefer not to impose such an arrangement on their children. In most situations, parents adopt this approach as a temporary measure either during the early stages of their separation or in some cases to enable a child to complete their high school education without disruption. Benefits The children have continuity and their routine is not disrupted. There is an ease of reconciliation in the event that the parents are only trialling a separation, whilst ensuring that both parents can maximize their time with the children. The children have stability. The children can live in their familiar environment while they get used to the reality of the separation. The parents have an opportunity...

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