The Notary public in the global world

The Notary public in the global world

The ancient office of Notaries Public is little understood by many in the legal profession and the wider community. Its modern day role has become more important with the increase in international trade and the global movement of people. It is time for a serious review of the office, function and regulation of Notaries in this State.

Historically Notaries were the recorders of facts, often the only persons in the village or town able to read or write and hence the responsibility of recording births, marriages, deaths and business activities rested with them.

In mainland Europe, they deal with all things non-litigious with formality, gravitas and a charging structure reflecting that. In the USA a Notary is found in every shopping mall and pays an annual licence to be able to operate. In the UK and Australia, a Notary is qualified for life and provides services somewhere between the two.

The world is getting smaller, no longer is it the privilege of the few to have a holiday home abroad or dabble in foreign investments.  Even small companies have no qualms about looking abroad to enhance their business. Involvement with foreign countries is inevitable and to have a system in place to facilitate commerce and the life of the ordinary citizen is vital.

With our ever-increasing immigrant population, it has become common for a family to have some involvement with a foreign country and the need to attend to deal with foreign documents. Foreign inheritance, succession, real estate transactions, as well as business dealings, are the more common matters involving the need for a Notary.

With South Australia’s need to develop its dealings with overseas countries it is important to ensure that those notaries called on to document the same are adequately qualified and trained for their task. It is also important that Notaries understand the overseas jurisdictions in which their notarised documents are to be used.

Our Notary Roy Hasda is not only experienced in dealing with overseas jurisdictions but is fluent in Italian and French. He is also aware of the Authentication and Legalisation requirements before notarised documents can be sent to foreign jurisdictions.

For more information on Notary Public requirements contact Roy Hasda at Belperio Clark on 8212 1322 or email

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