So why choose Collaborative Practice?

So why choose Collaborative Practice?

The International Academy of Collaborative Professionals annual forum was held in Washington DC in October 2015. Bev Clark was privileged to attend. The calibre of the speakers was excellent.

The international forum is attended by hundreds of collaborative professionals from around the world. This year’s forum was particularly important as it celebrated the 25th anniversary of the process since inception.

Bev is very proud to be part of the promotion and development of Collaborative practice in South Australia.

Collaborative Practice is a cost-effective, problem-solving approach that can minimise the impact of conflict on parties and their children.

Parties are guided and supported by professionals with the right expertise to achieve the best possible outcome.

The parties are guided and empowered to make a sound, long-lasting decisions that stand them in good stead for years to come.

The Collaborative process preserves their privacy and dignity while giving parties the best possible chance of resolving their dispute respectfully – and the results are legally binding.

So why choose Collaborative Practice?

  • Avoid long, difficult and often expensive Court battles
  • Focus on problem-solving and finding respectful solutions
  • Create personal, cost-effective solutions that are right – and tailor-made –  for the family
  • Protect the well-being and needs of the children
  • Maintain decision making with the parties
  • Receive the support and information needed from specially trained team of Collaborative professionals
  • Preserve dignity and privacy

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