Introducing Weekend Mediation

Introducing Weekend Mediation

At Belperio Clark we recognise that when parties are recently separating in family law matters there is often a lot of issues that need to be sorted out between them at a time when emotions are running high or there is a high degree of conflict and tension between the parties. There are also financial stresses around that time, particularly where one party has moved out and the same combined family income is funding two households plus re-establishment costs for the moving party.

At Belperio Clark we recognise that this may not be an easy time for parties to take time away from work for the purposes of attending mediation and as such we are launching a new weekend mediation program.

Parties will not only have the benefit of being able to attend to their mediation on the weekends rather than needing to take time away from work, but they will also have the benefit of a fixed price for our services.

Take a look online at our Weekend Mediation Services or call us on 8212 1322 for information.

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