International Succession and Inheritance

International Succession and Inheritance

A substantial number of people are now finding themselves being advised of an inheritance of either real estate or money in bank accounts located in foreign jurisdictions.

Unfortunately, most of the general public are unaware or unsure of how to actually claim or obtain these inheritances.  Neither are government departments or a large number of the legal profession able to assist. This is a specialist area. It is important that people who find themselves in this position are aware of 2 fundamental facts: –

  1. almost certainly it will be necessary for you to engage a notary public;
  2. it will also be important to engage a notary who understands overseas civil law jurisdictions in the way in which that legal system operates as opposed to the Australian common law system.

All Notaries Public must be lawyers in South Australia but not all lawyers are a Notary Public.

If you do find yourself in the position of having to obtain a foreign inheritance or deal with foreign jurisdictions our notary Roy Hasda at Belperio Clark can assist in all the above matters and more. Roy has experience with Civil Law jurisdictions and speaks and writes Italian and French.

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