Are you looking for a family lawyer?

Are you looking for a family lawyer?

Family Lawyers Adelaide – How to find the best family lawyer for the job

How do you find the best family lawyers in Adelaide?

Family law is a specialised area of law. It requires not only technical legal expertise but a good understanding of the emotional landscape surrounding the breakdown of an important relationship.

There are many family lawyers in Adelaide but very few who are able to work on all five options for dispute resolution. There are five ways a matter can be resolved. Very few matters need to be litigated in Court. It is vital to see a family lawyer who understands and who can guide you toward the process that is right for you and for your family.

The choice of dispute resolution process will influence not only the outcome of a family law matter but the costs associated with its conduct.

All family lawyers at Belperio Clark are trained mediators, collaborative practitioners as well as skilled family lawyers. Our Adelaide family lawyers can advise you of your rights in relation to all aspects of a relationship breakdown. We encourage you to discuss your concerns with us so that we may assist you to develop solutions.

We understand the unique nature of family relationships and for this reason, we recognise that it is important for solicitors acting in the area of family law to have regard to the welfare of children in families that have separated and to assist parties to reach solutions that promote the best interests of the children.

Some clients prefer that we engage in negotiations on their behalf. We are well experienced in this process and after advising you about your rights and entitlements, we can formulate offers to put to the other parties or their solicitor on your behalf, as well as responding to any offers that may have been submitted to you by them.

We run free monthly, no obligation Relationship Breakdown information sessions on a monthly basis at our Adelaide office.

Call us on 08 82121322 to attend a free session or to make an appointment to see one of our experienced family lawyers.

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