Adelaide Family Lawyers – Mental Health & Divorce

Adelaide Family Lawyers – Mental Health & Divorce

Yesterday, 10 October, was World Mental Health Day. This story highlights the high levels of stress and angst suffered by many who find themselves caught up in a family law dispute.

Sadly, our Adelaide family lawyers are not unfamiliar with dealing with parties who are suicidal. It is very common for parties embroiled in a family law dispute to suffer from depression, anxiety or other mental health issues as a result of their usually bitter battles with a former spouse. Litigation often brings out the worst in people and is very stressful, emotionally draining and usually financially crippling for all involved.

At Belperio Clark, our family lawyers encourage other methods of dispute resolution such as mediation and Collaborative practice. Court is always a last resort. We recognise how damaging litigation can be and we only litigate where absolutely necessary.

Collaborative methods of dispute resolution are less invasive and they enable parties to work together in finding solutions that are best for their family. Disputes are diffused rather than ramped up as is often the case once litigation begins.

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