Splitting up together – Nesting after separation

Splitting up together – Nesting after separation

Splitting up together – Nesting after separation

Not many couples can share accommodation after they separate. For some this causes difficulty as they may not be able to afford to fund the purchase or rent of a suitable second residence where the children will be comfortable. The also may not like the idea of the children moving from home to home and the disruption that comes with that.

The Family Court cannot order couples to share accommodation after they separate but for some couples who want to maximise their time with the children on a shared basis but not have the children move from home to home on a week about basis, they can agree to nest. This is a term that was coined in America where it is more common, and has recently turned up in a sitcom produced by Ellen DeGeneres called Splitting up Together.

The concept of Nesting is that the parents rent or buy a smaller single person dwelling, and then the parent whose week it is to spend with the children lives with the children in the family home. The parents then rotate between the home and the single dwelling usually on a week about basis. This means that the children have stability of accommodation and get to live in the family home. The parents are the ones who suffer some inconvenience moving from home to home.

This would not work for everyone but if parents are wanting to minimise the disruption to their children after separation and can co-operate with each other then it is a great option. We have seen cases where the family may choose this option for example if they split up while a child is in the middle of their year 12 school year and they see the nesting option as important to enable the child to have stability while they get through that important year.

For most couples who choose this option, they see it as a short to medium term arrangement rather than a long term lifestyle choice.

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