Collaborative Process

Collaborative Process

For some parties, one neutral mediator isnÍt enough and they need more assistance to work through their problems.

Collaborative process is designed to ensure that the parties have the assistance of trained professionals who are committed to keeping the parties out of Court. They focus on problem solving and finding respectful solutions. They create personal, cost effective solutions that are right for the whole family. They protect the well-being and needs of the children. They maintain the decision making with you and your spouse or partner.

Collaborative lawyers can work with other collaborative professionals in a team to assist the whole family. Specially trained Family and Child Specialists and Financial Experts can be part of the team in order to ensure that the parties have a deep resolution to their problems.

For more information about the collaborative process go to the collaborative law page on this website or contact Bev Clark on (08) 8212 1322.

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