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What is death literacy? It is the practical know-how needed to plan well for the end of life. This may sound strange, but it is an important issue as 75% of Australians have not had end of life discussions. As the number of Australians aged 65 and over doubles by 2050, improving our death literacy is even more important. Dying to Know Day was last week on the 8th of August and was the sixth annual ‘Dying to Know Day’ aimed at encouraging Australians to discuss death and make appropriate arrangements for when you pass away. Preparing for the end of a life may seem foreign and uncomfortable but it is a necessary and serious process. The key features of planning for death should include a Will, an Enduring Power of Attorney, and an Advanced Care Directive for health decisions. Everyone’s situation is different. Do you have assets? Do you have children or step-children? Will your superannuation form part of your estate when you die? Seeking proper advice for your Will ensures that what you want to happen to your assets is what is directed. An Enduring Power of Attorney ensures financial decisions can be made for you in the event of incapacitation...

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