Dispute Resolution

The process you choose to resolve your dispute can impact on the outcome. We can assist you to choose the best process for you, be it direct negotiation with the other party, mediation, Collaboration, lawyer negotiation, or litigation through the Court.

If you need help to decide what would be a sensible offer or solution to put to the other party prior to negotiating with them, our experienced lawyers can assist.

Mediation is a dispute resolution process where the parties engage a mediator to act as a facilitator and assist them to resolve issues in dispute. We have lawyers in our team who are also skilled, nationally accredited mediators.  We can represent you at a mediation, provide you with advice prior to a mediation, or you can engage one of our lawyers as a mediator.

We can mediate in all areas of law. For divorce and separation, Belperio Clark offer a special fixed price mediation service that can save you time, money, and unnecessary conflict in an already difficult time.

For more information or to arrange a pre-mediation meeting, call us on (08) 8212 1322 and our friendly staff can ensure that an appointment is arranged with the most suitable mediator for your matter.

Process Options

We can help you choose from the following

Least invasive/ Least Expensive
Most invasive/ Most Expensive


You should have advice about your rights before you negotiate with the other party, or you may want us to negotiate for you. If agreement is reached, we can prepare documents to ensure it is legally enforceable. We can also advise you about documents prepared by the other party’s lawyer.


Our mediation team is fully qualified and experienced to assist you in a mediation role, should that be the path you pursue. Mediation is a process whereby both parties attend upon the mediator and the mediator assists the parties to negotiate a settlement.

Collaborative Practice

Collaborative practice is a deeper form of dispute resolution and aims to secure durable, long-lasting agreements and to preserve relationships between parties into the future.

Lawyer Negotiation

Some clients prefer that we engage in negotiations on their behalf. We are well experienced in this process.


Our philosophy is that you should only use Court as a last resort. Going to Court adds extra stress to your situation and can be expensive. For parties that have no option but to pursue their rights in Court, we can manage all aspects of a Court case on your behalf.


Is going to Court the only way to resolve this?

Going to Court should always be the last resort. Whilst there will very occasionally be matters that require it, they are uncommon. For the majority of matters a careful consideration of the alternatives to Court is most beneficial.

What options do I have?

For some matters the best options is to walk away and write it off as a bad experience. For others, the two parties sitting down over a cup of coffee and calmly working through the dispute themselves can be a very successful solution. If more assistance is required, jointly employing a mediator to facilitate negotiations can be a very cost effective approach. Lawyers can also negotiate for clients on their behalf should that be deemed appropriate.

In many matters where parties need to preserve a relationship beyond the dispute, where privacy is a priority, or where they are wishing to engage in a respectful and non-adversarial process with lawyer assistance, Collaborative practice is the best option.

How can I save money?

Engaging in alternative dispute resolution processes and avoiding Court where possible are the best ways to save money, as litigation is always the most expensive option. Getting early advice from a lawyer who is resolution focused will give you the best start possible.

At Belperio Clark we offer all options for dispute resolution, and can assist clients to determine which process is best suited to them and their circumstances. We hold regular free Relationship Breakdown seminars where we discuss all of your options in detail. Call us today for advice or to book your place in a free seminar.

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