Commercial Law

Our expert team are here to assist you with any commercial needs. We understand that keeping up to date with changing laws can be overwhelming. We can work with you step-by-step to ensure that you completely understand your situation, and our experienced commercial team will assist and guide you.

Setting up or running a business can be challenging. It is wise to take legal advice prior to entering into commercial or property transactions. Speak to us in relation to any of your franchise, trust, intellectual property, leasing, liquor licensing, contract, company, partnership, or general business needs. We can also assist with civil or commercial litigation, including building disputes

Our Approach

Our lawyers will approach your matter with a view to preventing, minimising and solving legal and associated issues sensibly. Our commitment and experience will help resolve matters in a way that keeps costs down without compromising your control over the outcome.

Court Action

Unfortunately, not all disputes can be mediated or negotiated to settlement. Sometimes Court intervention is necessary. The Court process can be complicated and confusing. Our lawyers will be with you every step of the way, guiding you through this process.

Preventative Law

Many people underestimate the benefit of the early involvement of their lawyer when pursuing business opportunities and entering into transactions. We find that being proactive and seeking the advice of your lawyer before entering into a transaction can help to clarify or minimise complicated legal issues, reducing costs and risks later.

Liquor Licensing

If you are interested in buying or establishing a licensed restaurant, café, hotel, motel, nightclub or possibly a tourist or convention establishment you will no doubt have to make an application for liquor and/or gaming approval. Our practitioners can assist you in your applications and any issues relating to operating your licenced venue.

Intellectual Property

Intellectual property rights arise from everyday business dealings, such as websites, Facebook and using sub-contractors. Our expertise includes assessing assets and opportunities and advising on structuring, licensing and franchising and protecting intellectual property assets, especially when entering into contracts. Steps include registering trademarks and enforcing intellectual property rights by taking Court action where necessary.

Commercial and Business

In business, it is important to consider structure, risks, tax, and exit strategies. We serve businesses large and small and guide our clients from the start up of their business through to any handover to the next generation or sale. Our team operate businesses themselves and provide strong technical advice with a commercial and practical approach which our clients value.

Property and Leasing

We advise on and prepare commercial property leases. Our expertise includes commercial leasing disputes, with an understanding that most landlords and tenants desire a co-operative approach. Where parties cannot find a solution collaboratively, we support our clients through litigation, winding up and administration, or actions to distrain for rent.


We assist with the creation, sale and purchase of franchises. We inform franchisors and franchisees on their rights and obligations under the Franchising Code of Conduct. We also assist parties in franchising disputes with a pragmatic approach to dispute resolution and where necessary support our clients in litigation.


I’m looking to buy a business/franchise can you help me?

We can advise you in relation to purchasing a business or franchise. We have lawyers who have many years’ experience in both advising on franchises and businesses and also in running and operating the same themselves. We can help your business both for now and for the future by working through your agreements, advising about suitable terms and developing strategies to reduce your risk.

Can you help me set a company and business structure?

We have a commercial team with over 25 years’ experience in developing and altering company and business structures. We always endeavour to find the best structure and solution to suit your specific business needs whether it be by partnerships, joint venture, company, trust or franchise. We can also help with other business issues such as employment law and intellectual property.

I need a commercial lease, can you help?

Each commercial lease is unique, whether you are a tenant or a landlord we can help you draft documents, negotiate terms, enforce agreements and generally ensure that the lease is suitable to your current and future situation. There are many things to consider when entering a lease, we will step these through with you and ensure all your questions are clarified.

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