Free Family Law Advice Seminar

Free Family Law Advice Seminar

Our team of Adelaide family lawyers can advise you of your rights in relation to all aspects of a relationship breakdown. We encourage you to discuss your concerns with us so that we may assist you to develop solutions. Our family lawyers consider that when parties separate or their relationship breaks down, the type of process they use to resolve any dispute will have a big impact on the outcome.

Not all matters need a heavy hand. Not all matters need the huge expense and long delays that come with Court based processes. Most parties are better off Ð especially if they have children Ð using Mediation or Collaboration.

We are committed to assisting parties to learn about the options available and what they look like.

We run free seminars in our Sturt Street premises each month.

Come along on to our next free family law seminar on Wednesday the 25th of October 2017 between 5-6pm to meet and talk to a family lawyer about relationship breakdown solutions. Take a look at Erica and BevÕs professional profiles for insight into our experienced family law team.

Call us on 08 82121322 to reserve a spot or to find out more information.

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